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Navivan Corporation

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Storage Containers
You can ship in securable storage containers
Cardboard Boxes
You can ship in Cardboard Boxes

Navivan Corporation is based in Kenner, Louisiana, USA, near to New Orleans, and has a long history of shipping from the USA to Utila, throughout the Bay Islands, and Honduras.

In fact Navivan Corporation can ship from the USA to Caribbean and most Central American countries; including Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Navivan Corporation also has cargo receiving stations in Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas; and New York, NY.

Shipping Containers
You can even ship an entire container
Cardboard Barrels
You can ship in Barrrels

Because of the large number of people with Honduras connections living in New Orleans and surrounding areas, a significant proportion of Navivan's business is providing a door-to-door shipping service from the USA to Honduras. Navivan Corporation's shipments to Utila are mostly building supplies, supplies for local shops and businesses, gifts, and on-line purchases made in the USA.

Shipping with Navivan Corporation is easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Become a Navivan registered customer:
    If you are not already an existing Navivan customer, then send an email to
    1. letting us know who you are, and
    2. who you will be shipping to (in Utila, La Ceiba, Roatan, etc).
    We will ask you for;
    1. a copy of a photo ID (e.g. Passport photo page) which you can scan and email to us, and,
    2. your method of payment (credit card, debit card, money order, check, etc).
  2. Have your Cargo delivered to Navivan:
    Send your cargo to the following address;
    • Your Navivan registered customer name,
    • c/o Navivan Corporation,
    • 200 Crofton Road, Building 10-B,
    • Kenner,
    • Louisiana. 70062-8305
    Navivan will receive and hold your cargo at our warehouse in Kenner until you instruct us to ship it.
    If requested, Navivan will email you a weekly list of the cargo we have received and are holding for you.
  3. Release your cargo for shipping:
    When you are ready for your cargo to be shipped from the USA, then send an email to authorizing us to release your cargo for shipment. Your cargo will be shipped on the next available sailing.
    • Note: We cannot ship your cargo until you have provided us with a Packing List which details each item in your cargo.
    • Note: If you cargo is a number of small sized items, we can consolidate them into a larger box as needed.
    • Note: If your cargo meets our minimum cargo weight of 100 lbs, then Navivan will automatically ship it on the next available sailing, unless you instruct Navivan otherwise.
    • Note: When your cargo arrives in La Ceiba we will put it on the next cargo boat to it's final destination. (For Utila - Tonia C or Utila Express)
    • Note: If you set up your contact details with Maureen Velasquez (see contact information below) she will either telephone or email when your cargo is being shipped from La Ceiba.


  • Register as a Navivan Customer
    No charge.
  • Payment by Credit Card
    5% added to all charges.
  • Shipping Fees (USA to La Ceiba, Honduras)
    0 to 100 lbs - $75.00
    over 100 lbs - $0.75 per additional lb.
    Note: Customers pay for shipping/transport from La Ceiba to final destination.
  • US Customs Security Scan (US Customs requirement)
    $3.00 per box
    Charge negotiable depending on number of boxes
    Note: Customers pay for shipping/transport from La Ceiba to final destination.
  • Plastic Wrapping (if needed or requested)
    $6.00 per box
  • All Charges correct as at 1-Nov-2012

Contact Information
In Kenner, Louisiana, USA.
Name: Julie Zelaya (English & Spanish spoken)
Tel: +(1) 504 464-5680
Web Site: www.Navivan.com
In La Ceiba, Honduras.
Name: Maureen Velasquez (English & Spanish spoken)
Tel: +(504) 9984-0466 (Honduras Cell)

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