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International Country Code

The International Telephone Country code for Honduras is 504.

Fixed line Telephone

Fixed Line Telephone services in Utila are provided by Hondutel, the Honduras Government telecommunications company. Hondutel installed a new subscriber cabling system and a digital exchange with an upgraded microwave link to the mainland in late 2004. The new system upgraded the existing capacity from 300 "pulse dialled" line to over 1,000 "tone dial" lines.

For more information on Hondutel visit their web site at: www.hondutel.hn


Mobile/ Cellular GSM telephone services are provided by Claro (formerly Alo, formerly Megatel), Tigo and Digitel and reception/connectivity is relatively good since the installation of a new antennas in late 2004 and 2007. Utila Wireless is the local agent and distributor for Claro and is located at Morgan's Travel in front of the Utila Municipal Docks. You can purchase GSM SIM cards and telephone handsets for the Claro network from Utila Wireless. Rivera Commercial sells SIM Cards and telephone handsets for the Tigo Net. Bodegon Ceibeño sells SIM Cards and telephone handsets for the Digicel network. Other shops and stores throughout Utila sell pre-paid charge cards and electronic balance recharges for Claro, Tigo and Digicel services.

Internet Telephone

Internet Telephone services are the cheapest and probably the most effective way to call home. Internet telephone services are available from the major Internet Cafes on the island.

Internet services

Internet Services are provided either by private satellite links or microwave links to the mainland ISP's and are then resold by local Internet Service Providers in Utila. Utila Wireless, located at Morgan's Travel, provides a wireless and cable internet service for domestic and business premises. There are many Internet Cafes on the island in addition to several Hotels and some of the Dive Shops which offer internet access services for the benefit of their guests.

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