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Web Site Updates

18-Jul-2006  No longer keep this page up to date

18-Jul-2006  Removed the Holler Inn links

15-Sep-2005  Updated Backpacker Lodge listing and add Backpacker Lodge spanish page

15-Sep-2005  Updated Gunter's Dive Shop listing and add Gunter's Dive Shop spanish page

31-Aug-2005  Added Jungle Cafe listing

31-Aug-2005  Added Charlie Johnson's Utila Travel Report

10-Aug-2005  Added Utila East Wind August 2005 Edition

7-Aug-2005   Added Gilliam (Harley) Gregory's collection of 25 photos to the Photo Gallery

26-Jul-2005   Updated the Historic Utila page link to the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration - USA)

26-Jul-2005   Added Utila East Wind July 2005 Edition

22-Jul-2005   Frank Feurtado Photo Album added 7 more pages

15-Jul-2005   Added Archeological Investigations in the Bay Islands, Spanish Honduras (6 pages)

12-Jul-2005   Updated Annie Marelli Bed & Breakfast page, Removed Hotel Utila (for Sale by Owner) pages

18-Jun-2005  Added Whale Shark Encounters page

12-Jun-2005  Added Whale Shark pages in Utila, Research, Facts & Figures, and Controversy

05-Jun-2005  Added Utila East Wind June 2005 Edition

31-May-2005  Added Frank Feurtado's collection of 67 photos to the photo gallery

29-May-2005  Been so busy working on the web site, that I forgot to keep this page up-to-date.
Added Cheryl Jones Utila Review page today. Too much work to go back and fill-in the other updates.

11-May-2005  Added the Mango Inn to Resort pages

 9-May-2005  Added David George Lord's Doctoral Thesis Money Order Economy: Remittances in the Island of Utila pages

 7-May-2005  Added photo of Archie Henderson's boat to Cynthia Johnson photo collection

 6-May-2005  Added Utila East Wind newspaper May 2005 Inaugural edition PDF format page files

 4-May-2005  Uploaded Frances Heyward Currin Master Thesis Transformation of Paradise - awaiting publishing permission before adding overt links

 3-May-2005  Added Cynthia Johnson's collection of 4 photos and added another 34 photos to Athene Jackson's collection

29-Apr-2005  Added Christening Records 1852-1900 page

28-Apr-2005  Added Photo captions to Diana Munoz Photo Collection

27-Apr-2005  Added Dr John video clip to HQ TV pages

26-Apr-2005  Added Hal Whitefield video clip to HQ TV pages

22-Apr-2005  Added Dr John Patrick McVay Photo Gallery pages

21-Apr-2005  Added L Cooper's Utila Travel Report/Review page

20-Apr-2005  2 day major re-work of the layout of the Home page, adding more photos and words, sharpened exiting photos. In particular a photo of Sandy Bay, which if you click on to download the full-size/hi-res version of the photo, and then zoom in on the hi-res version, you can see my house.

18-Apr-2005  Added Chiva's Utila Travel Report/Review page

17-Apr-2005  Added Rick Dozier's Utila Travel Report/Review page

16-Apr-2005  Added Jim Willoughby's Utila Travel Report/Review page

15-Apr-2005  Added Freddy's Place, Hotel Christian, Blue Berry Hill and Rubi's Inn pages, added photos to other hotel listings

14-Apr-2005  Added Dive In to Earth Day pages

12-Apr-2005  Added Tropical Sunset Hotel, Laguna View and Sea Eye Resort pages

11-Apr-2005  Added Diabetes and Scuba Diving page

10-Apr-2005  Added Scuba Diving Medical Statement page

 8-Apr-2005  Added Andy Phillips Scuba Instructor personal web site link

 7-Apr-2005  Updated HQ TV page, added Logo, added Iglesia de la Profesia video clip, added more text and re-laid out page

 6-Apr-2005  Added Relax Inn page

 4-Apr-2005  Added more photos and text to Home Page

 3-Apr-2005  Added photos to Hotel Bavaria

 2-Apr-2005  Added photos to Sandstone Apartments

31-Mar-2005  Spent the last week indexing this web site in over 200 directories (can't afford to pay for a service to do this)
Added Rose Hotel and Eric's Green House pages

26-Mar-2005  Revised Getting Here Tourist Information, and spent the past 4 days re-arranging web site internals and numerous other minor updates and changes

22-Mar-2005  Updated Site Map

21-Mar-2005  Bayview Hotel - Added page
Sea Eye Apartments - Added page

15-Mar-2005  Hotel Celena - Added page
Coopers Inn - Added page
Hotel Bavaria - Added page
Sandstone Apartments - Added page

12-Mar-2005  Tony's Place - Added page
Loma Vista - Added page
Sandy Bay Beach House - Added page
A Brief History of The Bay Islands - Added page

05-Mar-2005  Miss Iris Hill's Apartments - Added page
Mardell's Apartment - Added page
Laguna Del Mar - Added page
Hotel Trudy - Added page
Cross Creek Hotel - updated page
Coral View Beach Resort - added photos
Backpackers Lodge - added page
Annie Marelli Bed & Breakfast - added page

04-Mar-2005  Tropical Hotel - Added page
Delco Apartments - Added page
Sea Side Inn - Added page
Plum Tree Apartments - Added page
Patrick's Apartments - Added page

03-Mar-2005  Di Gial Souveniers - Added photos
Golosinas Gladys - Added photos
J&B Carniceria - Added photos
UltraLight Restaurant - Added photo
January 2005 News Archives - Added Troy Bodden & Destiny Cooper News Stories

02-Mar-2005  Rhonda Fuertado - Added photo collection
Iguana Station - Volunteer Program - Added page

01-Mar-2005  HQ TV - Added video of Station Identification

28-Feb-2005  Johnny's Water - Added photos
Rose's Inn & Apartments - Added photos

26-Feb-2005  Utila Maps - Added page

25-Feb-2005  Athene Jackson - Added captions to photo collection

24-Feb-2005  Diana Munoz - Added photo collection - awaiting captions
Iguana Station - Utila Guided Tours - Added page

23-Feb-2005  Patrick's Water Sports - Added page

21-Feb-2005  Scuba Diving Info - added link to David Noble and Matt Awty personal web sites (removed Gary Connelly's link since he has now left Utila)

20-Feb-2005  Reviews about Utila - created index and added pages

19-Feb-2005  Athene Jackson - added her photo collection

18-Feb-2005  Scuba Diving Prices - Updated page
The Holler Inn - Updated page with photos

17-Feb-2005  Atlantic Airlines - Added page

16-Feb-2005  Photo Gallery - added more Reef Fish, Sea Creatures, Sponges, Dolphins, Scuba Diver and Whale Shark pages

15-Feb-2005  Hotel Utila - added Real Estate For Sale by Owner pages

14-Feb-2005  La Piccola - Kate's Italian Restaurant - Updated page & added photos

13-Feb-2005  Deep Blue - Added photo collection

12-Feb-2005  Latest News - Updated page

10-Feb-2005  Historic Utila - Added 3 Pages

  9-Feb-2005  NoJo - Added photo collection

  8-Feb-2005  Golosinas Gladys - Added Page

  6-Feb-2005  Utila Underwater - Added Page
Utila Reef Fish - Added 2 Pages
Kelly Hellyer - Added photo collection
Kelly Hellyer - Added to Contributors Page

  4-Feb-2005  Added Photo Gallery with
Utila - Ariel - Added Page
Utila - Cays - Added 2 Pages
Utila - Historical - Added Page
Utila - Sunsets - Added Page
Honduras Currency - Added Page
Adam Laverty Collection - Added 4 Pages
How to Contribute Photograph(s) - Added Page

  3-Feb-2005  Ramón's Service - Added Page
Web Site Contributors - Added Page
How to contribute - Added Page

  2-Feb-2005  UltraLight Restaurant - Added Page

 31-Jan-2005  Latest News - Updated Page

  30-Jan-05 NightLand Cabins - Added page  
  29-Jan-05 La Piccola - Kate's Italian Restaurant - Added page  
  27-Jan-05 Utila Historical Books - Added page
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  26-Jan-05 Split Tourist Information Page into;Scuba Diving Books page
Travel Guide Books page
Communications page
Facts & Figures page
Getting Here page
Currency & Money page
Climate & Weather page & added 2004 Rainfall graphic
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  25-Jan-05 Utila Princess - Added pageIguana Station - Added page
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  23-Jan-05 re-loaded Web site with all revised page layouts  
  21-Jan-05 reformated Banner logo and re-aligned on pages  
  20-Jan-05 Removed uprintable characters in web page code left over as a result of conversion to Unicode UTF-8 format  
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  15-Jan-05 Mango Inn   - Added page
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  14-Jan-05 Home Page (index.html)
Changed layout, added link to dive sites map,
added "Latest Directory entries" section
 Added Directory Updates Page (this page)
Site Map  - reformatted into 2 column layout
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  13-Jan-05 Medi Luna Resturant  - Added page - awaiting photos
J&B Carniceria  - Added page - awaiting photos
Coral View Beach Resort   - Added page - awaiting photos
Fidi's Bar & Restaurant   - Added page - awaiting photos
Di Gial Souvenirs  - updated page with additional text from owner
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  12-Jan-2005 Iglesia Catholic   - Added page - awaiting photos
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