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All contributions to the development of this web site are welcomed.
Please see our How to Contribute page if you wish to contribute.
The following people have contributed to the development of this web site.
Mark Smith created most of the current pages and maintains the AboutUtila.com web site.
Adam Laverty Adam (Email: ) has lived in Utila for the past 9 years with about 3 years spent living off & on the Utila Cays.
Adam has been a Scuba Diving Instructor with Captain Morgan's Dive Shop for many years and is currently working as a Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography Specialty Instructor at the Bay Islands College of Diving in Utila. He has contributed a major collection of reef & underwater photographs
Kate Young Kate Young (Email: ) is a University student from British Columbia, Canada who is interested in writing. She came to Utila in March 2005 to learn how to scuba dive and plans to return in November 2005. Kate spent several days visiting the Hotels and Accommodations here in Utila gathering data on the basic accommodation details. Almost all of the information published on the Hotels & Accommodations page is a result of Kate's excellent work. We gratefully acknowledge Kate's contribution to the building of this web site.
Destiny Cooper Destiny provided the photos for Underwater Vision, Laguna Del Mar and Hotel Trudy's and wrote the text for Underwater Vision Dive Shop
NoJo Nojo has contributed a collection of some 24 photographs
Julissa Castro Wrote or gathered text for;
Deep Blue A collection of 24 photographs taken by the Staff & Customers of Deep Blue Dive Shop and Deep Blue Resort
Athene Jackson Athene contributed a collection of some 63 photographs from her family album
Diana Patricia Muñoz Diana contributed a collection of some 26 photographs from her family album
Frank Feurtado Frank (Email: ) contributed a collection of over 130 photographs. Frank is the moderator of the Yahoo Utila-Families mail list group and had an extensive collection of historic Utila memorabilia. He probably also has the most extensive database of Utila genealogy in the world, notwithstanding the records in the Cayman National Archives
Rhonda Feurtado Rhonda contributed a collection of 9 photographs. The Rev. Rhonda Feurtado's parents Mary and Henry Feurtado are from Utila and Rhonda lived in Utila for 6 years. Her grandfather was the Rev. Fred Gideon Cooper was a pastor in the Utila Mizpah Methodist Church for many years, also serving in Puerto Cortez and Roatan among other places. He also served as a District Supervisor for many years.
Harley Gregory Harley (known in Utila as "Gilliam") contributed a collection of some 25 photographs of Utila in the 1970's.
Cynthia Johnson Cynthia Johnson (nee Hayes) contributed a collection of some 4 photographs from her family album
Bill Mashek Bill (Email: Web: www.rubiconadventures.com) provided a collection of underwater photos
Peter Müller Peter, (Email: ) contributed a collection of some 45 photographs
Kelly Hellyer A collection of underwater photographs
Tony P Photographs
Ethne Rose Wrote text for her mother's business Rose's Inn & Apartments
Alice Gabourel Wrote text for her business World Wide Travel
Johnny Hinds Wrote text for his business HQ TV
Frankie Morgan Who provides all the News Items published from Channel 17 of his Morgans Cable & Satellite business
Andrew White Wrote text and provided photos for his business Utila Telephone Company
and for Tropico Telephone and Internet
Kate Vigilo Wrote text for her business La Piccola - Kate's Italian Restaurant
Lutz Dirksen Wrote text and provided photos for Iguana Research and Breeding Station

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The Webmaster (who lives here in Utila) tries to keep this information accurate and up-to-date.

If you are aware of any errors or inaccuracies, please email details to me at