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Johnny's Purified Water

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A local water purification and bottling company owned and managed by Johnny Bodden. Johnny's Purified Water has made significant investments in new state-of-the-art water purification, bottling and ice-making plant. Johnny's Water supplies water and ice to many of the shops, supermarkets and restaurants in Utila, provides a home delivery service for 5 Gallon water bottles and and exports bottled water to the mainland.

In addition to selling water and ice, Johnny's Water also sells what are probably the cheapest cigarettes in Utila, either by the carton or packet.

Johnny's Water has been certified by the Secretary of Health as producing 100% pure water and ice.

Water Certificate No RSA: 6-0019147-08-2004

    Ice Certificate No RSA: 6-0019148-08-2004

Opening Hours:

Mon - Sun (7 days a week) 7:30am - 7:00 pm

Water Prices

(as at 7-Jan-2005)

Modern Equipment - Click to enlarge
Modern Equipment

0.5 litre bottle      - 6.00 Lps ($ 0.32) per bottle - 125.00 Lps for a case of 28 bottles

1.0 litre bottle    - 12.00 Lps ($ 0.65) per bottle - 180.00 Lps for a case of 24 bottles

1.5 litre bottle    - 13.00 Lps ($ 0.70) per bottle - 168.00 Lps for a case of 15 bottles

0.5 gallon bottle - 14.00 Lps ($ 0.76) per bottle - 165.00 Lps for a case of 15 bottles

1 gallon bottle    - 20.00 Lps ($ 1.08) per bottle -  90.00 Lps for a case of 6 bottles

5 gallon bottle    - 25.00 Lps ($ 1.35) per bottle + 5.00 Lps ($ 0.27) for home delivery

A 150.00 Lps deposit is required for each new 5 gallon container.


Johnny will also re-fill existing bottles and containers for approximately 50% of the price of a new container or bottle.


1 bag of Ice        - 22.00 Lps ($ 1.19) per bag - 120.00 Lps for a case of 6 bags


From the Municipal Dock turn left into the main street heading towards Sandy Bay. Walk for about 6-7 minutes along the main street until you get to the Utila Fire Station, then turn right into Mame Lane. Johny's Water is about 20 yards up Mame Lane behind Samantha's 7-11 and opposite the Tropical Hotel.

Contact Information


Johnny & Conchita Bodden


+ (504) 2425 3304






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Johnny Bodden
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Conchita Bodden


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Highest Standards
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