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Utila Animal Rescue & Pet Care

Utila Animal Rescue & Pet Care Founders
Utila Animal Rescue & Pet Care Founders
Rodger Mehrer & Dr. Loretta Potts
Treating a patient
Treating a patient

Utila Animal Rescue & Pet Care evolved from the Utila Animal Rescue and Utila Pet Supply organizations, all of which were founded by Dr. Loretta Potts, a veterinarian, and her husband Rodger Mehrer who have been visiting Utila from the USA for many years and eventually became permanent Utila residents in 2007. Dr. Loretta Potts graduated with a Masters degree from California State University and received her Veterinary Degree from University of California at Davis in 1983.

Dr. Loretta is the only animal care provider on Utila.

Utila Animal Rescue & Pet Care is operated as a non-profit veterinary care and animal rescue center with the objectives of; reducing the stray and abandoned pet population in Utila by offering free bi-monthly spay/neuter clinics, helping find responsible owners for stray and unwanted pets, and providing a range of professional veterinary services for pet and livestock owners in Utila. Veterinary services and medications are provided free of charge to pet owners in Utila, most of whom cannot afford the costs of quality care.

Donations and Volunteers

Donations are most welcome and necessary in order to continue funding the purchase of veterinary equipment and medications, many of which are imported from the USA at a significant cost. Every cent donated goes directly to helping another Utila animal in need. Dr Loretta also welcomes suitably qualified volunteers to assist with regular Veterinary Clinic operations.

You can can donate to Utila Animal Rescue & Pet Care via PayPal PayPal Logohere

You can also ask Dr. Loretta your veterinary questions on-line via Just Answer Logo

Opening Hours: The Veterinary Clinic is usually open to the public on the first and third Tuesday of every month for consultations, treatments, and surgeries. Pet owners must register between 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon before meeting with the Vet.
The Vet and her volunteer assistants will decide in which order animals are to be seen. All pets are normally seen on the same day, but on busy Clinic days there may be a long wait! The schedule may vary from month to month, depending on Dr Loretta’s availability.
Location: Utila Animal Rescue & Pet Care clinic is located at the rear of the BICA (Bay Islands Conservation Association) Visitor Center in Utila. From the Municipal Dock, travel straight ahead up Cola de Mico road at the left of the Banco Atlántida building, continue past the cross-roads at the Mango Inn heading towards the Utila Airport. We are at the rear of the BICA Visitor Center on the right hand side of the road, just past Alton J. Copper public school.
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Contact Information
Name: Rodger Mehrer
Tel: Emergencies Only!! +(504) 3369-2298 (Honduras Cell)
Web: www.UtilaAnimalRescue.org Just Answer LogoAsk Dr. Loretta your veterinary questions Facebook LogoUtila Pet Supply on Facebook (Closed Group)

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