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Scuba Diving with Gunters EcoMarine

Sailing to Cayos Cochinos with Rusty's Sailboat Tours & Charters

Vacation Date: February 2009

Report Date: 16th February 2008

Author: Victoria Bexley, London, United Kingdom.

I have just returned home to the UK after visiting Utila and wanted to write to say what an amazing place to dive and snorkel on an island that is not over developed and not too commercial. I was new to diving prior to the holiday and had the patience of an excellent instructor at Gunters Eco-Marine dive centre to slowly and personally train me. All the instructors were friendly and reassuring and professional at all times ensuring safety first. Eco Marine also have accommodation for divers which is free to those taking the course. This is a bonus for people on a budget. The course is non expensive compared with other dive centers' on the island and compared to diving around the world Utila is an in-expensive place to dive. I would highly recommend the island as a warm (weather and people!) and beautiful holiday destination.

We were fortunate to go on a sailing trip to Cayos Cochinos (The Hog Islands) with Rusty's tour (ask at Eco-Marine about his tours or look on this website) and this had to be a highlight of the holiday as we snorkeled in perfectly clear water and saw every tropical fish in the sea! And then at night we saw each constellation in the sky. We even caught a huge 3-4" Wahoo on our journey back to Utila and had dolphins swimming and racing at the front of the boat. These tiny islands are truly magical and ideal for those seeking romance off the beaten track or those searching for the most amazing diving and snorkeling.

I am returning to Utila very soon to experience more of the slow pace, the sunshine, the friendly atmosphere, the diving and the beauty of an island that remains un-spoilt.

I will attempt to post some photo's at a later date.

Victoria Bexley