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Utila Review and Travel Report

The Bay Islands, Honduras

Author: Andrew Timmins

Report Date: 15-Feb-2005

Utila ... The Small Island

Nice one.........No worries man.......( say with a Jamican Accent )
That seems to be the best phrase to explain the lifestlye undertaken these days.....
Welcome to Utilla, a small island on the Carribean side of Honduras, nestled just in between Belize and Nicaragua.....what a lovely little place.
Billed as the cheepest place in the world to dive, which i am a tad sceptical about, but also home to Whale Sharks year round, which in the eyes of most divers on the planet, is the ultimate in underwater events. So needless to say, i have not seen one yet.

I arrived a week ago with my mate Christy, and found ourselves a little place on stilts above crystal clear waters with a beautiful view of this cute little harbour. Quite the spot. Utilla is billed as the back packers Island in the chain, Roatan, next door is full of American tourists, no thanks. So have been lucky enough to dive with some Green and Logerhead Turtles. On one such occasion, my Divemaster and myself were trying to annoy a lobster out of his hole when over the coral, and within arms reach, A green turtle, slowly glidded, stopped, gave us a wink, and then mossied on. I set about a chase to find this turtle, who i later name Squirt (see Nemo) quite happy with my pressance, so much so, that he proceeded to slow down and slowly head to the surface.....the whole process took about 20 minuts, just perfect.

Good old Squirt....
Have been quite luck with other dives, Hanging with a Spotted Moray , a pack of Logerhead Turtles on a low Cay reef, and even a blow fish frightened to all buggary by a fellow diver to try to make puff. Not a bad weeks play. Am to spend the next week in search of the very elusive Whale Shark, a very timid fish, roughly the size of a Double becker bus, that likes to swim ever so slowly and eat the smallest food in the ocean. Seeing as thought that takes my big ass out of the equation, look i must.
Then, Belize....but dont think its all over for me here....if i see the shark...Story number 2 begins where this one finishes.....More adventures from the deep
Well, i hope all are well, take care, and remember to be good to your mothers.

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