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Dave's Restaurant


With a long history working as a chef in San Francisco, Dave has been serving food on the island for nearly 10 years now. His previous restaurant Sharkeys was regularly packed out as is his current one. Since he is too modest to describe his own food, let me try;

Dave's Restaurant offers inspired BBQ food with an incredible variety of sauces. Try for example the barracuda filet in mango-chili sauce, the boneless chicken in mushroom white wine sauce or the masala chicken curry.

The menu changes on a daily basis according to what can be bought freshly. Fish will be served if it comes fresh from the fisherman that day. Due to the efforts of his (former - hear hear) vegetarian sister, you will always find a vegetarian meal on the menu, for example cheese and sweet corn enchiladas with red-chili sauce or Broccoli Frittata. Every meal is served with rice, mashed potatoes and fresh salad.

You like it hot? Try his home made chili-sauce.

Try the homemade Chocolate Cake with Caramel Syrup for dessert.

Please call if you are planning on coming with a group bigger than 10

Catering available.

Opening Hours: Open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 6:30 pm. Closed Sundays and Mondays

He sells out quickly, so check early.

Seating Capacity:


Food Type: Inspired BBQ
Typical Meal Prices: Meal Prices: fair prices: ranging from $US 5.00 to $ 7 (90 to 120 Lempira) with the average dish costing Lempira 100
Typical Drink Prices:

15 Lempira Soft drinks ($ 0.65),
15 Lempira home-made Iced Tea (changing flavors, for example green tea with lemon or Jamaica flower),
25/30 Lps local beer ($1.25), Lempira 25 for Rum-Mixer ($1.25)

purified Water and daily Specials like Mango Tango (Vodka with Mango juice)

Restaurant Facilities: Covered open air dining, tranquil sitting area
Location: Island Cafe, in front of Coco Loco Bar, beside Deep Blue Divers
Contact Information
Name: Dave Ayarra
Tel: +(504) 425 2057

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