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Property & Rental Management Services

Property & Rental Management Service providers typically offer a range of services to Property Owners and/or Rental Guests. Several of the vacation rental properties listed on AboutUtila.com are managed by Property & Rental Management Service providers on behalf of the property owner.

The services offered to Property Owners may include;
Property & Rental Management Service providers in Utila are;

Utila Apartment Finders

Owned and operated by Mike and Jennie who tend to specialise in finding apartments and rooms at the budget end of the market for people who have arrived in Utila without a reservation and/or who are looking to change from their current accomodations. Renters pay no additional charge or cost for this service. Mike and Jennie also manage some of the vacation rental properties in the Blue Bayou shoreline area of Utila.

Contact Information:

Tel: +(504)3267-5439 (Honduras Cell) ask for Mike, or +(504) 3221-6298 (Honduras Cell) ask for Jennie.
Web: www.UtilaApartmentFinders.com

Utila Property Management

Select Vacation Rentals

We specialize in exclusive vacation properties and personalized service from booking, during your stay, to departure. We have a range of properties, including1 bedroom oceanfront apartments, a very popular main street location, oceanfront homes, a large 5 bedroom over the water, and an internationally acclaimed one-of-a-kind tree house. We also offer professional management services to new and existing home owners. Utila Property Management is fully licensed and in compliance with Honduran tax regulations. Contact Utila Property Management and let us help you find your perfect vacation home on Utila.

Contact Information:

Tel: +(504) 3334-5918 (Honduras Cell) ask for JJ, or +(504) 8973-0364 (Honduras Cell) ask for Tina.
Web: www.UtilaPropertyManagement.com

Utila Property Managers

Owned and operated by Dave and Trish who specialise in up market vacation rental houses and some mid market vacation rentals along the south shore of Utila and the Utila Cays. All these properties are boat access only from Utila Town Center.

Contact Information:

Tel: 1-412-944-2845 (USA VOIP), or +(504) 3201-5779 (Honduras Cell) ask for Dave, or +(504) 3233-8413 (Honduras Cell) ask for Trish.
Web: www.UtilaPropMan.com

Utila Vacation Rentals

Owned and operated by Tony and Jo who have been managing vacation rental properties in and around the center of Utila Town and along the Utila east shore area know as TradeWind for over 10 years.

Contact Information:

Tel: 1-512-351-4919 (USA VOIP),  +(504) 3344-9545 (Honduras Cell)
Web: www.UtilaVacationRentals.com

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