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Little Easy

Little Easy - Click to enlarge

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It's like you never left your own home. Located in a relaxing atmosphere on "The Point" of Utila and surrounded by quite beautiful scenery, the "Little Easy" has all of the things necessary for your relaxation. If that's what you want on your vacation, contact us (see below) and let us help you relax.

Opening Hours:

We are open 7 days a week - 24 hours a day

No of Rooms & Prices ($US) : 2 bedrooms, each with double bed, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen

$400.00 per month

Package Deals: None
Facilities: Fully furnished with all kitchen appliances


From Utila Municipal Dock, turn right along the main street and walk for approximately 10 minutes down towards The Point.

Contact Information


Minnie and Talbert Cooper


+ (504) 2425 3742   Fax:




Bathroom - Click to enlarge
Lounge - Click to enlarge
Lounge Room / Kitchenette Diner
Bedroom - Click to enlarge
One of the most beautiful Hotels
Kitchen - Click to enlarge
  Lounge - Click to enlarge
Lounge Room/ Kitchenette Diner
Front Entrance - Click to enlarge
Front Entrance

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