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Laguna Beach Resort

Laguna Beach Resort, Utila, Bay Islands, HondurasLaguna Beach Resort - Click to enlarge

Laguna Beach Resort is an exclusive diving, fishing and beach get away located on Utila. This elegantly designed property is set on a palm fringed peninsula dividing a tranquil mangrove lagoon and the warm Caribbean Sea. This quaint resort provides much privacy with their bungalow style accommodations nestled on the lagoons edge, for a perfect view of Utila?s tropical sunset. The beautiful ocean view restaurant and bar, built from natural woods, continues the resort's rustic theme that compliments the island ambiance Utila is famous for. Utila sits on top of the second largest fringing coral reef in the world making Laguna Beach a diver's paradise. The outer banks are home to dolphin and more than the occasional whale shark.

Package Deals:

Diving with Laguna Beach Resort is only available with an inclusive accommodation package. See our web site LagunaBeachResort.info for details.


Access to Laguna Beach Resort is only possible by boat.

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In Utila Tel:

+ (504) 2425 3239 (Utila Town) +(504) 9905-8183 (at the Resort)

For Reservations Contact Utila Dive Ventures 1-623-217-4557 (USA)


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