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Transformation of Paradise

Re-published from the original Frances Heyward Currin Master Thesis available at Louisiana State University Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Collection
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A Thesis
Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the
Louisiana State University and
Agricultural and Mechanical College
in partial fulfillment of the
requirements for the degree of
Master of Arts


The Department of Geography and Anthropology

By Frances Heyward Currin
B.A., University of Memphis, 1999
December, 2002

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Top of Page Acknowledgements

There were so many people involved in this creation process and I will be forever indebted, thank you. First I would like to thank Dr. “Skeeter” Dixon, without whom I would never have found this place or this project. Secondly I would like to thank the members of my committee, for keeping your door open and “the light on”, especially Dr. W. V. Davidson, who pushed me further than any other professor, so that I could be proud of this work. To Dr. Richardson, I say, thank you for helping me open my mind to difficult ideas. And to Dr. Mathewson, who always had a helpful reference. I also want to thank all of my colleges who listened when necessary, who gave advice as needed, and finally who said “stop, you can do no more.” I also would like to thank all those Utilians, Hondurans, and tourist who gave their time and stories to the creation of this thesis. I would especially like to thank; Glen, Shelby, Joya, “Ragi”, Naida, Jernigan, Larry, Mrs. Rachel and family, Terry and Duncan. Finally to my family, thanks for believing in me and always being supportive. To all of you who took the time, you have my undying thanks.

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Table 4.1. Utilian Goods exported to New Orleans, 1881

Table 5.1. Hotels on the Bay Islands from 1960-2001

Table 5.2. Tourists arrivals for the Bay Islands, 1970-2000

Table 5.3. Tourists Percentages for 1999 on Utila

Table 5.4. Tourist Percentages for 2000 on Utila

Table 5.5. Tourist Percentages for 2001 (Jan-Aug) on Utila

Table 6.1. Countries of Origin of Utila’s Dive Instructors

Table 7.1. Land Use on Utila, 1993

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Top of Page List of Figures

1.1. Location of the Bay Islands in Central America

2.1. The Bay Islands, Honduras

2.2. Location of Oyster Bay Lagoon

3.1. Neighborhood Locations on Utila

5.1. Old Airport on Utila

5.2. Tourism facilities on Utila before 1980

5.3. Tourism facilities on Utila, 1980-1990

5.4. Tourism Facilities on Utila, 1990- Present

5.5. Oyster Bay Lagoon with Hotels and Restaurant

5.6. Development on the Eastern end of Utila

5.7. New Development on the Southwestern end of Utila

5.8. Pigeon and Suc-Suc Cay

6.1. Baliada Ladies found at the Municipal Dock

6.2. Ladino Street Vender on Utila

6.3. Crude Lot Separation in Camponado Neighborhood

6.4. Location of Camponado on Utila

6.5. Land Building in Camponado

6.6. Ladino House in Camponado

6.7. Mainland Honduran Gang Tags found on Utila

7.1. Rain Cisterns Found on the Island used for Collecting Water

7.2. Traditional British West Indian House Type found on Utila

7.3. Brick Hotel found near old Airport

7.4. Concrete Structure Located in Cola Mico

7.5. Hotel under Construction near old Airpor

7.6. New Structure built in 2000 near the center of Town

7.7. House found near Blue Bayou

7.8. House found on the Southwestern end of the Island

7.9. Location of Cross Creek Dive Center and Hotel on Utila

7.10. New Development in the Interior Lagoon Associated with Cross Creek Dive Center

7.11. Planters Constructed for the new Development site on the Eastern Shore

7.12. Coral Walls Constructed for the new Development site on the Eastern Shore

7.13. Utila Reef Resort Located West of Oyster Bay Lagoon

7.14. Laguna Beach Resort found at the mouth of Oyster Bay Lagoon

7.15. New Hotel Built Near Blue Bayou

7.16. Traditional Road Construction on the Island

7.17. Location of the New International Airport on Utila

7.18. New Airport under Construction on Utila

7.19. Natural Fresh Water Wells on Utila

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Frances Heyward Currin was born in Anderson, South Carolina on April 13th 1977. Soon after her birth her father became a pilot in the United States Navy and she and her family proceeded to live the military life. She accredits her sense of adventure and longing for the “other” to this event. She and her family settled in Pensacola, Florida where she graduated from Pensacola High School in May of 1995. From there she went to the University of Memphis on an athletic scholarship and finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in geography and anthropology in December of 1999. She entered the graduate program in the Department of Geography and Anthropology at Louisiana State University in the fall of 2000 and plans to receive a Master of Arts degree in geography in December of 2002. She plans to continue her education in geography at the doctoral level, always learning, and keeping her “boots muddy.”
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