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Aerolineas SOSA

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Warning! - The schedules shown below are the full peak season schedules. Local airlines often operate a reduced schedule and change it without advance notice. You are strongly recommended to ensure you have pre-booked your flight.
Check with Morgan's Travel in Utila (see details below) for the latest schedule news.

Aerolineas SOSA Let L-410 Aircraft Aerolineas SOSA Aircraft

Aerolineas SOSA is a local Honduran Airline based in La Ceiba with internal flights in Honduras to/from Tegucigulpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Puerto Lempira, Brus Laguna, and The Bay Islands of Roat?, Guanaja, and of course, Utila. Our flight schedules are designed to connect with American Airlines and Continental Airlines flights to/from Tegucigulpa and San Pedro Sula.

Aerolineas SOSA fly Let L-410UVP-E 19 seat turboprop regional airliners.

Scheduled Flights


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Utila (UII) / La Ceiba (LCE)
- One-way fare $US 55.27 per person including taxes (as at 27-Feb-2009).

- Approximately 7 minutes flying time.

To Utila

Flt P4#044 Depart La Ceiba (LCE) 3:30 pm - Arrive Utila (UII) 3:45 pm (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

From Utila

Flt P4#041 Depart Utila (UII) 6:20 am - Arrive La Ceiba (LCE) 6:30 am (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Utila (UII) / Roatan (RTB) (via La Ceiba LCE)

- One-way fare $US 110.54 per person including taxes (as at 27-Feb-2009)

- Approximately 25 minutes flying time.

To Utila

Flt P4#053 Depart Roatan (RTB) 2:30 pm - Arrive Utila (UII) 3:45 pm (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

From Utila

Flt P4#041 Depart Utila (UII) 6:20 am - Arrive Roatan (RTB) 6:55 am (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Scheduled Flights


San Pedro Sula

La Ceiba (LCE) / San Pedro Sula (SAP)

- One-way fare  $US 72.91 per person including taxes (as at 28-Feb-2009).

- Approximately 25 minutes flying time.

To La Ceiba

Flt P4#061 Depart San Pedro Sula (SAP) 8:45 am - Arrive La Ceiba (LCE) 9:10 am (Mon to Sat)

Flt P4#065 Depart San Pedro Sula (SAP) 2:30 pm - Arrive La Ceiba (LCE) 2:55 pm (Mon to Sun)

From La Ceiba

Flt P4#060 Depart La Ceiba (LCE) 8:00 am - Arrive San Pedro Sula (SAP) 8:25 am (Mon to Sat)

Flt P4#064 Depart La Ceiba (LCE) 1:30 pm - Arrive San Pedro Sula (SAP) 1:55 pm (Mon to Sat)

Flt P4#062 Depart La Ceiba (LCE) 9:45 am - Arrive San Pedro Sula (SAP) 10:10 am (Sunday)


Children 0-3 years old travel free, Children 3-9 years old at 75% of the adult tariff

Location in Utila:

Represented in Utila by Morgan's Travel which is located at the Municipal Dock.

Contact Information

In Utila  Name:

Frank Morgan -


+ (504) 2425 3161, + (504) 2425 3166    Fax: + (504) 2425 3166   VHF: 09

In La Ceiba  Name: Esther Sosa Portillo (Marketing Manager)
Central Office: Tel: +(504) 2443-1399 (pbx)   Fax: +(504) 2443 1894
La Ceiba Airport: Tel: +(504) 2442-1512, +(504) 2442-1513, +(504) 2442-1763 Fax: +(504) 2442-1764
Tegucigalpa Office: Tel: +(504) 2239-0757
Tegucigalpa Airport: Tel: +(504) 2234-0137, Tel: +(504) 2233-4351
San Pedro Sula Office: Tel: +(504) 2550-6545, +(504) 2550-6548
SPS Airport: Tel: +(504) 2668-3128 +(504) 2668-3223
Roatan: Tel: +(504) 2445-1154, +(504) 2445-1658
Guanaja: Tel: +(504) 2453-4359
Puerto Lempira: Tel: +(504) 2433-6558
Brus Laguna: Tel: +(504) 4433-8042




Note: If you or your local travel agent are having trouble making reservations with SOSA, AboutUtila.com are pleased to recommend Morgan's Travel and World Wide Travel, based here in Utila as an alternative booking agents. Both speak English and Spanish.

Advance & confirmed reservations for flights to and from Utila are strongly recommended. It is also recommended to re-confirm your return flight from Utila with the local Aerolineas SOSA Agent located at Morgans Travel, (or if you booked with them World Wide Travel, also based in Utila). Occasionally, and depending upon weather conditions and number of passengers, Aerolineas SOSA will fly directly between Utila and San Pedro Sula without stopping in La Ceiba. Flights may be cancelled if there are only 1-2 passengers. Flights to/from La Ceiba may be cancelled or re-routed if there is heavy rainstorms in La Ceiba. There is no control tower or landing lights at Utila airport, so aircraft must land/take-off in daylight hours with favorable weather conditions.


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