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Currency & Money

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The Honduran currency is the Lempira.

Honduras 1 Lempira Banknote - Click to enlarge Honduras 2 Lempira Banknote - Click to enlarge Honduras 5 Lempira Banknote - Click to enlarge Honduras 10 Lempira Banknote - Click to enlarge
1 Lempira Banknote
approx 5 US Cents
  2 Lempira Banknote
approx 10 US Cents
5 Lempira Banknote
approx 30 US cents
10 Lempira Banknote
approx 50 US Cents
Honduras 20 Lempira Banknote - Click to enlarge Honduras 50 Lempira Banknote - Click to enlarge Honduras 100 Lempira Banknote - Click to enlarge Honduras 500 Lempira Banknote - Click to enlarge
20 Lempira Banknote
approx 1 US Dollar
50 Lempira Banknote
approx 2.7 US Dollars
100 Lempira Banknote
approx 5.4 US Dollars
500 Lempira Banknote
approx 27 US Dollars

Currency Converter

Today's Exchange Rates:
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US Dollars

In Utila (as with most of Honduras) U.S. Dollar banknotes can be used in place of the Lempira, with the local stores and businesses usually giving exchange rates at the same (or sometimes better) than the local Honduran banks, and without charging exchange commissions.


Travelers Checks

Amex Logo

The local Banco Atlantida does not cash Travelers Checks

Hendersons Supermarket used to cash US Dollar Travelers checks from most Travelers Check Issuers, but stopped doing this in March 2005 after Archie Henderson was mugged on the mainland while carrying the travelers checks. Hendersons Supermarket still exchanges US Dollars into Lempiras and vice-versa at about the same rate as the local banks, but without the long wait in the queue. Some of the Scuba Diving Resorts may accept/cash travelers checks.

It is very difficult to cash Travelers checks in currencies other than US Dollars.


Credit Cards

Credit CardsAn increasing number of Utila businesses accept credits cards, VISA being the most widely accepted, followed by MasterCard. Generally speaking American Express is only accepted by some of the Resorts, but it is a 'fluid' situation. Nearly all the Scuba Dive Shops and Resorts plus the larger Supermarkets and Stores accept VISA credit cards. Be warned, that in Honduras VISA is the most widely accepted card, followed by MasterCard, with some establishments (typically Hotels) also accepting American Express. The best and most widely used card is VISA.


ATM Machines

Utila ATM - Click to enlargeThe first ATM in Utila went into operation on 19-Jul-2005. As at 15-May-2010, there are now 2 ATM machines in Utila, One at Banco Atlantida and another near the Medical Store. These machines accept a variety of major credit and debit cards.


VISA Credit CardVISA Cash withdrawals are available over the counter at Banco Atlantida


MasterCard Credit CardMasterCard Cash withdrawals are not available at these Bank counters.



There is now (15-May-2010) only 1 bank in Utila.

HSBC Bank closed their Utila Branch in 2009.


Banco Atlantida LogoBanco Atlantida - Open Mon-Fri 08:30am to 3:30pm,  Sat 08:30am - 11:30pm,  Sun Closed


Be aware, there are often long queues in the Bank at Utila, be prepared for a wait.

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