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Utila Maps

Utila located on Central America Map
Utila is located in the Western Caribbean Sea in the Gulf of Honduras off the Northern coast of Honduras

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Utila, off the North Coast of Honduras
The smallest of the 3 major Bay Islands, (Roatan, Guanaja and Utila), Utila is located approximately 18 km of the Honduras mainland port of La Ceiba

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Utila, The Bay Islands, Honduras
Utila is just 11 km long and 4 km at its widest

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Utila Satellite

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By Air

Aerolineas SOSA - Click to enlarge
Aerolineas SOSA

The main International Airports in Honduras are located in Tegucigalpa (the national capital), San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and Roatán. International flights to/from Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula operate daily to/from USA airports of Miami (American Airlines) and Houston (Continental Airlines) The only airlines that currently offer scheduled flights to Utila are Aerolineas SOSA (via La Ceiba) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. CM Airlines operate flights on Saturday only (from San Pedro Sula and Roatán) and Island Air (based in Utila) operates scheduled flights to/from Roatán on Saturday and to/from La Ceiba on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All flights to/from Roatán and San Pedro Sula are designed to connect with incoming and outgoing international flights. All flights are operated with small 9-20 passenger seat aircraft.

There are also several charter flights available from San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and Roatán airports to and from Utila. Contact Morgan's Travel in Utila for details.

Air Travel Tips

Caution - Advance & confirmed reservations for flights to and from Utila are strongly recommended.
Occasionally, and depending upon weather conditions and number of passengers, Aerolineas SOSA will fly directly between Utila and San Pedro Sula without stopping in La Ceiba. Flights may be cancelled if there are only 1-2 passengers. Flights to/from La Ceiba may be cancelled or re-routed if there is heavy rainstorms in La Ceiba. There is no control tower or landing lights at Utila airport, so aircraft must land/take-off in daylight hours and with favorable weather conditions.

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By Sea


Utila Princess - Click to enlarge
Utila Princess

There is only one ferry service to Utila, the Utila Princess, usually leaving twice daily from the Muelle de Cabotage (the docks/cargo wharf) in La Ceiba. The Muelle de Cabotage is about a 15-20 minute taxi ride from the center of La Ceiba if there are no traffic problems.

See our Utila Princess page for current details on schedules and fares.

Be sure that you are getting on the Utila Princess and not the Galaxy Ferry to Roatan. The Galaxy and Utila Princess terminals are located next to each other. The Utila Princess terminal is the smaller of the two. It should be obvious which terminal you are at when you go to buy tickets.


There was a Catamaran that ran between Roatan and Utila on a daily basis, but this ceased operation in November 2012. See our Roatan-Utila Ferry service page for current details on the options for travelling between Roatan and Utila..

Sea Travel Tips

Visa Requirements

A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining from time of departing Honduras is required for entry into Honduras. There is a $3.00 entry fee into Honduras and a $38.00 departure tax with an additional $2.00 security charge and $3.00 immigration fee if leaving Honduras by air. There are other incidental national airport taxes with connecting local flights usually not exceeding $5.00.

Tourist Visas are normal granted for a duration of 1 month, but can be extended on a month by month basis for a fee of around 500.00 Lempira per month at the local Immigration Office in Utila or on the mainland of La Ceiba. Depending upon the mood of the Immigration Officer at your port of entry, you can sometimes pay on entry for an extended tourist visa. A maximum stay of 4 months is permitted after which one must depart the country for a minimum of 3 days, after which you can return and start the process over again.

Don't lose the piece of yellow paper they staple into your passport, you'll need it to exit the country and to extend your stay.

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