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The Official Web Site of Utila, The Bay Islands, Honduras

About Us

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Who are we?

Mark is the owner and WebMaster of AboutUtila.com. Mark is Australian born but lived in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. He holds a Batchelor Degree in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. He has been living in Utila since Feb 2003 and been working as a volunteer assisting Dr John McVay at the Utila Community Clinic, at the Utila Hyperbaric Chamber, and as a DiveMaster at the Bay Islands College of Diving. During his professional career Mark has held several senior management positions in Information Technology systems and services.

He now lives in semi-retirement at Country Side, (or more accurately Jerico), Utila, opposite Jerico Gardens and is working full-time, and then some as, a RE/MAX Real Estate Agent.

After 5 or more years of volunteering at the Utila Community Clinic, Mark found he need additional funds to pay for the schooling of his two Honduran children, so in March 2008 he joined The Utila Real Estate Company LogoThe Utila Real Estate Company where he managed many of the 'back office' functions such as processing Spanish language legal documents and building and maintaining The Utila Real Estate Company web site.

On the 25-Jul-2011, and for a variety of reasons, Mark left The Utila Real Estate Company with plans to update and rebuild the AboutUtila.com web site, but as things turned out he continued to be very busy with real estate related legal work for a variety of clients. Unfortunately this work kept him so busy he left spare time to implement a long desired technology update to the AboutUtila.com web site.

On 1-Jan-2014 Mark returned to the Real Estate business as a RE/MAX Agent serving the Utila market. Please visit his RE/MAX Bay Islands Utila Real Estate web site.

Many people who live in Utila or have visited Utila have contributed to the building of this web site, and we gratefully acknowledge their contributions. We also thank the Mayor of Utila (2002 - present), Alton Cooper, who supports AboutUtila.com by allowing the use of the tag line "The Official Web Site of Utila". We welcome contributions to the building of this web site.

What are we trying to do?

Our intention is to maintain an Internet Web Site dedicated to publicizing Utila & The Utila Cays to the world for the benefit of the people and businesses here in Utila.

Why do we think this web site is needed?

We believe that an increasing number of people plan their travel and vacations by using the Internet to research possible destinations. We also believe the greater the quality and quantity of information that is available on the Internet about a destination, the more likely people are to consider visiting that destination. The major Dive Shops and Resorts in Utila have excellent Internet web sites and a high level of Internet exposure for their own business, but we feel that many other Utila businesses, organizations, and the whole of Utila in general would benefit from increased Internet publicity.

We also notice, that with the exception of the major Dive Shops and Resorts, most web sites containing information about Utila are run by people who do not live in Utila. While these web sites do contain some information about Utila, it is often limited, out of date, or just "gets lost" amongst the volume of information about other tourist destinations in; The Caribbean, Honduras, and the other Bay Islands.

How do we intend to do it?

Our intention is to start by creating a Directory on the Internet listing all things About Utila with some basic information about the things listed. The web site will only be in English (for the foreseeable future). We aim to start small, a hobby not a business, and see how things work out. We intend to invest a significant amount our time, but not a lot of our money to get things started. For people who want to advertise or publish information on the web site. We are not asking anybody for any money, only information. Please contact us if you have information you wish to contribute to this web site.

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The Webmaster (who lives here in Utila) tries to keep this information accurate and up-to-date.

If you are aware of any errors or inaccuracies, please email details to me at